Grow Support is the Cornerstone of Our Cultivation Service

Live Training

It’s web based, interactive, live, in-tent training that you join from the comfort of your Grow.  We always wrap our sessions with Q&A.  This is a great time to get your support questions answered!


Sometimes you notice something out of the ordinary and need some advice.  Hit us up via chat or email and we can trade images and diagnose issues on the fly.


When we need to take it a step further and walk through a treatment or preventative measure, we can always use the old fashioned phone call.


Video is the best tool for quick identification and correction of problematic or temperamental plants.  We use FaceTime, Webex, and Skype as our primary video conferencing applications.

Our Approach to Supporting Your Grow

Proactive Activities

  • Email/Chat Reminders
  • Weekly Health Check
  • Group Email/Chat/Forum with Class Members
  • Grow Logs

Reactive Safety Nets

  • Chat/Email - if you think something is wrong send a picture!
  • Phone Support to Ensure Resolution to Issues
  • Video Conference - when we need to be in the tent with you!

Proactive Support -
Prevention is the Best Safeguard

Growing cannabis is not a simple or quick process.  It’s a commitment to following a daily routine in maintenance and environmental control.  It’s a lot of work but it’s also quality time spent learning your plants and their surroundings.  We need to stay on top of our routine to ensure we provide stable and appropriate growing conditions for our kids.

Maintaining the optimal growing environment is 90% of the struggle for a new grower.  Staying on task and keeping focused on the items that truly affect the outcome of your grow is incredibly important.  We are constantly reviewing these core growing principles and send reminders and encouragement to check the grow vital signs and manage them appropriately.  Our weekly check-in is an opportunity to discuss any specific concerns or changes that we should address before things get out of hand.

Discipline and a commitment to detail is all we need.  If we are providing ample light, proper nutrients, and the correct environment, we are going to be very successful Growers!!

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