Chronological Grow Training™

A world first, live web-based HomeGrowCast that brings the expert into your grow space.  Come grow along with us, step-by-step in real time.


It's a first of it's kind. We think it's the best way to learn to cultivate cannabis at home. We're sure you'll agree.

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Our courses are on a schedule, but we know life happens. We record everything so you miss nothing.

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It's not good enough to attend our courses. We follow up one-on-one to ensure you are on track and having fun!

  • We Grow with You Seed to Cure
  • Indoor Cannabis Gardening Skills
  • Topping, Training, Defoliation
  • Temp and Humidity Management
  • Regular Email Check-Ins
  • pH and Watering
  • Weekly In-Tent Web Training
  • Nutrient and Super Soil Courses
  • Fun and Rewarding Experience

The world's first chronological grow Training™


Home Grow Co.’s unique Chronological Grow TrainingTM approaches the cultivation learning process in an entirely different manner than most growers are accustomed to.  The typical video series, book, forum, or any other training medium teaches the individual components of growing, but rarely provides the new grower the complete picture.  Most leave you piecing together disparate information and searching for additional confirmation or assurances that you understand the task before you take the next steps.  No one wants to make a mistake, and far too many of us have suffered through many grows that are a lesson in recovery, instead of an example of health and vigor.

At Home Grow Co. we take the time to outline and demonstrate each step of our process.  We create an environment where you are growing along with us, performing each step in sequence, and getting the support you need along the way.  It’s a simple process that creates some tremendous results!  Should you encounter some trouble along the way, we’re right here, ready to give you the direct support you need to get things back on track.

How Does It Work?

Glad you asked!  Once you have your grow equipment picked out and purchased, we begin with an overview of how the system is setup, how it functions, and the major responsibilities you will have as a grower.  Don’t worry, they’re all pretty simple.  We want you to understand the concepts and process we will be covering, and how to get the most out of the training course and your Grow.  This is the first of twenty weekly courses you will be attending.  It provides us an opportunity to make sure our connection and training environment is setup and functioning, as well as ensure your Grow System is operating as expected.

After we are setup and have some basics covered, we begin our weekly training process.  Week 1 is seed germination and planting.  We walk you through the entire process via a live webcast – our HomeGrowCast.  The typically 60-90 minute sessions will consist of a short lesson on what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how it plays a part in the overall success of the process.  We then move on to the practical portion of the session.  In week 1, you get to see us perform the steps required to germinate a seed, how to store the seed while it germinates, and then it’s your turn to perform the steps for your grow!!  We’re here to support you, ensure you have the steps down, and don’t run into an immediate stumbling block.  We finish the session with a quick Q&A, if you have any, and then review any preparations you need to make for next week’s lesson.  Over the course of the Grow, we’ll be spending the majority of our time in our tents, hands on, learning by doing, and having fun along the way.  We feel this is THE BEST WAY to learn to cultivate cannabis correctly.

Contents of the Course

During the Chronological Grow TrainingTM, we’ll cover the basics like watering, nutrients, pH, lighting, and environmental requirements as they change throughout the Grow.  We’ll also tackle more advanced techniques like topping, low stress training (LST), defoliation, and checking trichomes for harvest to ensure your cannabis is taken at its most potent state.  We finish everything with a connoisseur cure giving you the smoothest, most flavorful medicine you’ve ever experienced….and you grew it!!

Course List: (may change slightly based on course type and/or student needs, not a complete list of all activities)

Week 1 – Setup and General Overview

Let’s make sure everything is setup and ready to go. We also cover the major responsibilities you have as a grower and set some expectations for the Grow. If there are any last minute needs, that’s ok, you’ve got just a little bit more time before the point of no return!

Week 2 – Germination and Planting (Grow Day 1)

We start with germinating seeds and getting them in some soil. A solid start is incredibly important and we make sure you have a great base to start from.

Week 3 – Early Seedling Care (Grow Day 8)

Those little girls need the proper environment to flourish. Less is more and we’ll show you how to care for your new kids.

Week 4 – Seedling Support and Watering (Grow Day 15)

Now that we have some ‘real’ plants it’s time to start treating them that way. Stem support and watering are the first hands on activities we’ll be engaging in. It’s getting serious now!

Week 5 – Transplanting and Foliar Feeding (Grow Day 22)

By the third week of life our little girls will be getting much bigger. Time to kick them out of their cups and into the 7 gallon Smart Pots. The foliar feeding helps mitigate any stress the plant may experience during this process. Begin Grow/Vegetative nutrients.

Week 6 – Topping and Training (Grow Day 29)

We top our plants to control the vertical growth and encourage better development of lower branch sites. We’ll also cover some very light training this week just to get light to the areas we need.

Week 7 – Low Stress Training (LST) (Grow Day 36)

This week we get slightly crazy and begin the process of creating a smooth and uniform canopy. There’s a lot of bending and restraining. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it.

Week 8 – Canopy Management and Flowering (Grow Day 43)

Continue the LST process and switch the lights to flower cycle. Begin Bloom/Flower nutrients.

Week 9 – Flower Time! (Grow Day 50)

This week we manage the initial stretch and prepare the canopy for final uniform push to a sea of huge buds.

Week 10 – Defoliation (Grow Day 57)

We clear out the branches and bud sites that are on the lower 1/3 of the plant to ensure maximum production at the sites that have sufficient lighting to produce quality results.

Week 11 – Cages, SCROG, Stakes (Grow Day 64)

Now that you’ve created a uniform, healthy, vigorous canopy, we need to prepare for the massive buds that will be weighing these branches down. There are a lot of options and we cover them.

Week 12 – Soil Testing, Runoff pH, and Smart Pot Management (Grow Day 71)

It’s always a good idea to check the vital signs. We don’t want to let things get away from us as we are in the heaviest feedings of the entire grow cycle.

Week 13 – Mid-Flower (Grow Day 78)

We have a couple of weeks where we need to maintain our focus and not lose sight of the goal. There isn’t a lot of new technique to learn, but you do need to stay ‘in tune’ with your plants and ensure you are disciplined with the basics.

Week 14 – Added Ventilation and Humidity Management (Grow Day 85)

The buds are starting to pack on some weight. We need to be careful not to let the humidity get too high. High humidity at this point equals mold, which will ruin the entire grow.

Week 15 – The Final Push (Grow Day 92)

This is our last chance to add nutrients, correct deficiencies, and make an impact on our lovely ladies.

Week 16 – Flushing Your Plants (Grow Day 99)

If you’re using bottle nutrients, we need to get the salts out of the plant and soil. This is incredibly important as it relates to a flavorful, smooth and enjoyable consumption experience.

Week 17 – Prepare for Harvest, Trichome Inspection (Grow Day 106)

We’re almost there!! Here’s where we use the magnifying glass/loupe to inspect the trichomes for an indication of readiness and/or potency before we take them down.

Week 18 – Harvest (Grow Day 113)

The Eagle is landing!! You did it!! Don’t let up just yet. Pat yourself on the back and then prepare for the cure. It’s not over yet.

Week 19 – Trimming/Manicuring Your Flowers, Mason Jars (Grow Day 120)

After we’ve cut the plants down and let them dry slowly for 3-5 days, we’ll need to trim the buds of the branches and into jars for the final cure. You might even be able to take a little sample at this point…cheers!

Week 20 – The Cure (Grow Day 127)

The final step is to ensure your buds break down the chlorophyll properly, release it, and leave all of the flavorful and beneficial terpenes behind. Get ready to experience the fruits of your labor. This is where we will unfortunately have to say good bye, or hopefully, until next time. Congratulations, you are now a Cannabis Grower. Welcome to the Home Grow Co. Growers Club!

What Do You Need To Join The Training?

Our trainings are live web based sessions that typically run between 60 and 90 minutes each.  We spend a lot of time interacting by video so there are a few simple requirements that will enable you to get the most out of the Home Grow Co. Chronological Grow Training Courses™;

√  High Speed Internet Connection

√   Laptop, Tablet, PC, Mobile Device 

√  Install Webex Client

What are you waiting for?  Join the Home Grow Co. Team today!

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