What We Do

At Home Grow Co. we focus on three things: The world’s first live web-based Chronological Grow System™, the absolute best grow equipment available, and a community of like-minded friends to support and encourage you.   Put them together and you have a recipe for cannabis cultivation success!

Success is not an accident, it's a process

Growing cannabis is not a quick or easy endeavor.  One day training programs, online videos, and reference manuals help get you started, but what happens when things don’t go the way you planned?  Who do you ask for help and advice?  Where do you go for assistance if your plants are suffering?  (just for reference – if you don’t have a relationship with your local grow store, find a good one and go introduce yourself today)!

This is what makes Home Grow Co. special.  We have the opportunity to share our growing process with you directly from our tent to yours, in-person, and in an interactive manner.  When you have questions or concerns, you can compare your Grow to your instructor’s or other Grower’s plants.  There’s nothing like a little daily Grow affirmation.  If your plants are falling behind, develop a deficiency or just don’t look right, simply stay a few minutes after class for some 1:1 support or Q&A.  (BTW – this is a great idea even if you aren’t having problems.  It’s a great opportunity to learn from challenges others may be facing).  Part of growing great cannabis is developing the ability to recover from adversity and maintain discipline.  This means that we all expect an issue or two during a grow.  The goal is to minimize the significance and magnitude of the issue, identify the remedy, and then ensure you return to a solid maintenance routine.  This is the kind of support you get when you grow with us.

You’re Good Enough, You’re Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like You – Stuart Smalley, SNL ’91 

Companies differentiate themselves based on the quality of service they provide, and Home Grow Co. is no different.  Our #1 priority is ensuring you have a successful and enjoyable experience from seed to cure.  We are here with you every step of the way.  We offer two levels of grow training, but either way we train you live and in real time, and we support you as a grower, a student, and an individual.

A 5-star growing experience is what you deserve and it’s what we deliver – every time.  It’s what being a member of the Home Grow Co. community is all about.  Expect nothing less.

How We Deliver Success

We provide the industry’s first live, webcast based, Chronological Grow Training™ that is conveniently delivered to you in the comfort of your grow space.  Join us live each week or catch up via our recorded training repository.  We start the journey germinating seeds together, we care for our plants together, we watch them grow up together, and we perform basic and advanced gardening techniques together.   You get the idea.  We’re in this together.  All you need is a mobile device, laptop, tablet, or computer with internet access in your grow area.

2. Equipment

Starting with high quality grow equipment gives you the foundation for a simple, enjoyable experience throughout the entire Grow.  We provide you guidance on everything you need and nothing you don’t.  Top of the line lights, active ventilation, intake and exhaust filters, nutrients, and all of your grow accessories are reviewed in detail.  Our recommendations are energy efficient, environmentally responsible, and provide a level of flexibility that you and your plants will love.  We are also passionate about working with partners who display innovation, a commitment to the grower and the industry, and have an ethical corporate philosophy.  For a detailed equipment overview click the link below.

3. Support

We’ve provided excellent customer experiences for 20+ years.  It’s a skill we’re proud to offer our customers and one we take very seriously.  We offer a variety of support options during the Grow and for years to come.  We do our best to handle the majority of questions and concerns during our training sessions, but that isn’t always sufficient.  If you have a question about leaf color, or soil moisture, or pretty much anything grow related, (sorry we can’t help with lottery numbers…yet) we’re a text message, email, phone call or video chat away.  This is the real value in growing with us.  We want you to succeed and we’re willing to invest the time and effort to ensure that success.  Don’t settle for a package and a prayer.  Grow with the team that has a plan!

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