Grow Equipment

We utilize the best equipment available and provide you with comprehensive setup, operation, and maintenance instruction.  We ensure you get started successfully and continue to operate at an efficient and effective level.  Learn more about our grow equipment below….

Why Don't We Sell Equipment?

It’s not for a lack of desire.  We’d love to provide you a one stop shop for all of your cannabis cultivation needs.  Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to expand in that area in the not-too-distant future.  Equipment margins and shipping costs make it hard to compete with large online retailers.  (we recommend visiting a local grow shop and introducing yourself)  Our priority is to give you the assistance you need to help determine which equipment is right for you and your grow space.  We follow up on that by providing you a phenomenal grow training experience and the support to make it successful.

In addition, we firmly believe in supporting our small business partners and none are more important to our growing community than our local grow shops.  These are some of the nicest, most knowledgeable people we have ever met.  They’re also eager to earn your business.  Before you jump on Amazon or one of the many online retailers, spend a few minutes and drop by one of your local shops.  Give us a shout first and we’d be happy to provide you an equipment list to get a full quote while you’re there.

Grow Package Core Components

The primary benefits (or goals) of growing cannabis within a tent are to maintain a targeted temperature and humidity, prevent pests and disease, and to have absolute control of the light cycle.  The packages we recommend give you a simple, yet sophisticated manner in which to accomplish this task.  In addition, we do significant research on all of the products we use so you can trust you are purchasing from a manufacturer who cares about our environment, the health of our burgeoning industry, and of course, you, the Home Grower!

  • Tents – 4×2, 3×3, 4×4, or 5×5
  • The Green Sunshine Company ES180 or ES300 LEDs
  • (2) 6 inch Inline Fan
  • Phat 6×16 Carbon Filter
  • Phat 6×12 HEPA Intake Filter
  • 6 inch Thermo Ducting
  • (3) Clip On Fans
  • Fabric Smart Pots with Handles
  • Light Hangers
  • Digital Timer
  • Thermometer/Hygrometer
  • Multiple Cure Hygrometers

Gorilla Grow Tent - Heavy Duty

The primary reason we use these tents is the option to extend the height. They start at a full 7 ft., with the included extensions you have 8 ft.! Plus they're strong and incredibly reflective.

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S6 or T6

You need 2 fans for an active ventilation system. These are some of the quietest fans on the market (that's relative), include a speed controller, and only draw 40 watts max!

Electric Sky 180 or 300

The Electric Sky is our favorite compact LED grow light. Its exclusive wideband spectrum replicates the “infrared” power of the sun and a tuned color ratio fuels large growth and explosive yields from seed to flower.

Vivosun 315 or 630 CMH

This fixture produces a more efficient spectrum for growing than HPS systems delivers exceptionally even coverage, comes with an 8' power cord with with 120V→240V adapter included. Built with rust and corrosion resistant materials to withstand years of use.

Phat 6x16 Carbon Filter

When you're 6 weeks into flower you'll be glad you have this. This filter does an amazing job removing odor from your exhausted air.

Phat HEPA Intake Filter

Clean air coming into the tent prevents significant issues down the road.

pH Meter

An incredibly useful tool to measure an important value that has an enormous impact on your plant's health.

Thermo Ducting

Simple 6 inch ducting for filters and in-line fans.

6 inch Clip On Fan

We use 3 of these to keep our light cool and add circulation to the grow space.

7 Gallon Smart Pots

Smart pots help exchange air with the root zone, promotes more uniform drying of the soil area, and can be reused many times over.

6 inch O Rings

We use O-Rings instead of duct tape to connect our ventilation components. It's much easier to take apart and reassemble. Plus, it just looks cleaner!

Cure Hygrometer

You don't want to throw away 4 months of hard work do you? You have to monitor humidity levels during cure. These hygrometers are cheap and they fit inside your Mason jars to ensure the best possible quality result.

Pot Stands

Cold ground equals cold roots, which equals slow growth. Keep your plants off the cold ground and make access just a bit more difficult for the odd crawling insect that might find it's way in.

Plant Saucers

Watering runoff is inevitable. We try to water thoroughly without excess, but it happens from time to time. We'd rather not have to mop it all up.

Light Hangers

Raise and lower your lights with ease. As your plants grow, especially during the stretch of early flower, you'll need to raise your lights a couple of times each week. Super simple and easy to use ratchets.

Digital Timer

An uninterrupted and consistent light cycle is one of the keys to healthy plants. The accuracy of a digital timer is a must.


Two temperature and humidity readings in one device. Place the display at light level (Indoor reading) and the remote at canopy or soil level (Outdoor reading).

Misc., Etc., and Freebies!

Power cords, extension cords, tie straps, plant tags, and duct tape (why not?).

A Word on Hawthorne Gardening Company

Normally, we are all about the positive – you get back what you put out.  In this instance though, there is a need to shed some light on what is going on in our industry.  The Hawthorne Gardening Company is The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company’s subsidiary for cannabis growers.  Scotts Miracle-Gro has been a 20+ year partner of the Bayer AG Monsanto company, who is involved with a number of lawsuits for its alleged cancer causing product, Roundup.  A quick Google search returns a ton of information on this topic.  

This isn’t the entire reason that we at Home Grow Co. refuse to support this company.  Below is a list of companies  (many are very well respected and produce great products) that Hawthorne Garden Company has purchased in the last 4 years to try to put a choke hold on the cannabis industry.  We are not comfortable partnering with a company who is bringing the ‘Big Pharma’ mentality to our industry.  This is the reason you don’t see some of the industry’s leading brands on our site.  You probably didn’t realize the scope in which The Hawthorne Gardening Company has already infested our industry, culture, and attempt to grow good clean medicine. 

The Hawthorne Gardening Company owns:

Sunlight Supply Company, Gavita, Phresh Filters, HyperFan, Aero Grow, Can-Filters, Botanicare, and General Hydroponics.


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