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Live webcast grow-along-with-us training, hands on instruction, high quality equipment, supportive community.

At Home Grow Co. our primary focus is to provide a unique, first of it’s kind, web-based chronological cultivation training system, high quality, reliable grow equipment, and a community to support and encourage the Home Grower.  Let’s start with the training.

Chronological Grow TrainingTM

There aren’t any shortcuts or magic elixirs that provide a grower an advantage, or make the difference between a great cannabis grow and a completely forgettable, or even regrettable one.  What does matter is basic, sound gardening technique applied in the correct proportion and at the correct time.  We educate you on these techniques in a live weekly webcast and provide you the support you need to grow along with us.  Why piece together information gleaned from various sources when you can just follow along with an experienced grower who has tailored a grow system to individuals looking for an easy, reliable, productive, and most importantly, fun experience?  The best part is you aren’t growing alone.  Not only do the experts at Home Grow Co. assist you along the way, you’ll meet growers just like you who are growing for the first time, or improving their skills.  You will feel supported and part of a community of like-minded individuals with the same goal and desire to grow great cannabis at home!!


We have worked hard to develop strong relationships with our equipment partners.  Our equipment packages are completely turn-key and will have you ready to Grow in no time.  You just add the seed, water, love…..and some soil too.  We have two primary approaches to soil growing: living soil and organic nutrients.  With either approach, the equipment is exactly the same. 

The basic components of a grow tent package include –

  • Tent
  • Light and light hangers
  • In-line ventilation fans (2)
  • Circulation fans (3)
  • Ventilation ducting
  • Intake filter
  • Carbon exhaust filter
  • Timer(s)
  • Fabric grow pots
  • Runoff catchers
  • Extension cords/power strips
  • A few etcs. 

Home Grow Co. is not a manufacturer and has no investment in recommending a specific tent/light combination, or a line of filters, or grow pots, etc.  We’ve just used a lot of equipment in our personal grows and have formed opinions based on years of experience.  Unfortunately, given the current gold rush within the cannabis community, there are a lot of ‘bad actors’ out there selling cheap, unreliable garbage.  We recommend equipment that we’ve had extensive experience with and can testify to the reliability and support provided.  If we don’t use it, we don’t recommend it.  Check out our Equipment page for a full description of our partners and our industry philosophy. 


One of the aspects of the Home Grow Co. experience that is closest to our hearts is the friendships and camaraderie that we experience through the grow process and interaction with our friends and fellow growers.  We are from different walks of life, different geographies, and different generations, but we share a passion for cannabis and that’s a powerful thing.  We are a positive and encouraging group.  We don’t judge your equipment choices, or seed choices, or anything else for that matter.  The only judgement you’ll ever receive here is if you enter one of our grow competitions!  We love this plant, love this community, and would love to have you join us.

Let’s get our Home Grow on!

we want to grow with you!

Highest Quality Equipment

Manufacturer Relationships

No Experience Required

Simple, Stable, Forgiving

Live Web-Based Training

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