Grow Your own
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our Incredibly simple Grow Philosophy
is easy to follow and it works!
Just add...Seed·Water·Love


We grow from seed, in soil, just how nature intended.  It’s a rewarding process to watch a seed germinate, sprout, grow, and flower.


It’s pretty basic, without it nothing lives.  We are passionate about clean water – oceans, lakes, rivers, and specifically what we give our plants….they appreciate it.


….The special ingredient.  Our training process allows for the majority of your growing time to be spent bonding with your plants.  

Chronological Grow Training™

We learned through friends and trial & error before the internet or YouTube existed.  Even with the modern resources available, learning to grow high quality cannabis can be a daunting task.  We provide an easy to follow, live, webcast based, grow-along-with-us approach.  We start with germinating some seeds, end with a connoisseur cure and cover everything inbetween….and you get to follow along in real time!! Click the graduate cap for more details.

Grow Equipment

Our grow package recommendations come with everything you need to start growing quickly and easily.   They include a tent, light, 2 in-line fans, carbon and pre-filters, ducting, clip fans, grow pots and saucers, multi-meter, nutrients, and power strip, – click the castle for package details.

What we offer...

Personal Grow Support 100%
Highest Quality Equipment 100%
Simple, Highly Successful Process 100%
Community and Encouragement 100%

You want to grow some great cannabis at home?

The Home Grow Co. Advantage

If you haven’t heard, we love to cultivate cannabis at home. So what’s so special about Home Grow Co. and why should you grow with us?  Click below for more information.

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